Cameron’s Slum Weekend



I belong to a youth group in Paddock Wood called New Gen. Last weekend we participated in an event called ‘Slum Survivor’.


Slum Survivor is an experience where we spend a few days the way billions of people spend their life times. As part of this we had to build our slum to sleep in out of wooden pallets and tarpaulin, using cardboard and newspaper for insulation.


Food wise we had two meals of rice and lentils a day which whilst they were filling, had no taste to them what so ever, making meals very bland and unexciting.


We were not allowed any luxuries such as extra clothes and any electronic gadgets however we were allowed as much underwear as we wanted!


As part of the event the leaders set us challenges and dilemmas for which we as a group had to over come, for example one of the dilemmas was that one of our ‘family’ had to be sold into the slave trade and we had to decide who would go.





We faced many difficulties throughout the weekend such as the leaky tarpaulin roof and the heavy rain on Friday night but it was a valuable insight to how many people live their life and how privileged we are with what we’ve got.
If you have any questions please feel free to talk to me.




The charity behind the event is Soul Action, please click here for more information. Lastly a huge thank you to those who have sponsored me and if anyone else would still like to sponsor me I have room on my form – or alternatively you can give direct on their website. I will let you know my total amount collected very soon.

Thank you

Cameron Andrew

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