David’s three 2014 Cycling Challenges


Top of the Bwlch in Wales on the 2013 Dragon Ride


It is widely known amongst my friends that I lost the plot a few years ago and challenged myself to some cycling sportive events.  I suspect this is a little like forgetting what it is like to go through the pain of child birth because we’ve signed up for three this year, the same two as last year plus one additional 75 mile route round Kent used more as a training ride for the big2.


Like last year, the charity I’m supporting is Prostate Cancer UK, made all the more important to me when we discovered Jim was suffering.  My suffering is insignificant by comparison but on Sunday 18 May with the 105 mile (and very hilly) Castle ride and will be followed by an overly mountainous ride in Wales called the Dragon Ride, which takes in the stunning Black mountains and Brecon Beacons.  Both are guaranteed to hurt.


To give you a flavour of the difficulty, the distance and climb for the combined two rides is the equivalent of six times to the summit of Snowdon using the Pyg Track and then cycling an additional 160 miles before finishing!


The topographical hills below show the two rides and as you can see, they are not very flat!





Your support will, I promise, make me even more determined to get to the top of every hill without walking and help people like Jim in the future to recover back to full fitness.




Your support is much appreciated for a very worthwhile charity and please say a prayer for my legs!  Both will be very well received.


Thank you


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