Twelfth Night Quiz 2015 Answers

Thank you to all who took part in our latest quiz which raised £110 for church funds.  The winner with 48 points was Clara Wilson-Green, the runners up with 47 points were the Scarlin family

The Church of St John The Baptist  12th  Night  Quiz  2015        Questions and Answers

This year we feature Famous People.   (Dead, Alive and Fictitious)


1    Who celebrated over 63 years as Monarch, in 2015?       Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

2   Who left his boots at Walmer Castle?                               Wellington

3   Jacob’s twin?                                                          Esau

4   Baptist preacher and Bible salesman, whose name today inspires thoughts of       “Sun, Sea and Sand” ?                                                                                 Thomas Cook

5   Which leader of the Peasants’ Revolt has a road named after him, in Maidstone?    Wat Tyler

6   In 1605, he was fired up to be a Bright Spark?                  Guy Fawkes

7   Musical siblings whose name links them to Joseph, husband of Mary?           The Carpenters

8   Who sang to President John F. Kennedy, on his birthday ?                             Marilyn Monroe

9   Which Singer & Performer celebrates this year with  “ 75 at 75” ?                 Sir Cliff Richard

10   Architect immortalised in song by Simon & Garfunkel?                              Frank Lloyd Wright

11   Which Goodie became a well-known Twitcher?                                             Bill Oddie

12   Who reputedly drove out all the snakes from Ireland?                                 St Patrick

13   50’s Singer……Cider Maker from an Italian Lake?                                     Perry Como

14   Who was the first Girl Guide?                                                                    Agnes Baden Powell

15   Fictitious spy, with adhesive qualities?                                                       James Bond

16   She sounds like she could rustle up some swans in sequins…?                   Darcey Bussell

17   Classical violinist with another – unexpectedly jazzy – string to his bow?  Yehudi Menuhin

18   Who was Jerry Mouse’s dancing partner in a 1945 film about two sailors on leave in Hollywood?                                                                                                           Gene Kelly

19   Who took A Long Walk To Freedom?                                                         Nelson Mandela

20   Former Genesis drummer who drove over lemons to literary fame ?           Chris Stewart

21   We can bank on this Canadian to keep our interest going…?                       Mark Carney

22   Who was the inventor of the Televisor and the Noctovisor?                        John Logie Baird

23   Who said   “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”?                          Sir Winston  Churchill

24   Prolific writer of letters, to the Ephesians, Philippians and many others..?      St Paul

25   Vogue photographer and subsequently pig farmer, as famous for his sausages as for his photographic art…?                                                                                                      Norman Parkinson

26   Slave trade abolitionist, with links to our Benefice?                                     William Wilberforce

27   American songwriter who had 3 Oscars, 4 wives and 6 Grammy Awards..?  Burt Bacharach

28   Which railway enthusiast refers to himself as a   “Former Future Prime Minister”?          Michael Portillo

29   In the painting by David Hockney, who are Percy’s companions?                 Mr & Mrs Clark

30   In August 1963, who had a dream?                                                               Martin Luther King

31   Which war-time Band Leader gave dance lessons on the radio?                  Victor Sylvester

32   Who is Alexander Armstrong’s  pointless friend?                                          Richard Osmon

33   Which Kent artist has his studio   ‘up the garden path’?                               Graham Clarke

34   Which comedian and raconteur invariably ended his TV shows with the words               “Goodnight, and may your God go with you” ?                                            Dave Allen

35   Author and presenter, who in 2014, celebrated 50 years in a different career to either of those…?                                                                                                      Alan Titchmarsh

36   The Great-Great-Grandfather of this American President has a memorial in All Saints Church, Maidstone..?                                                                                                                George Washington

37   Of whom was it said   “He’s mad, bad, and dangerous to know”?           Lord Byron

38   Potty man from Peru, did go on to be doubly famous…?                         Michael Bentine

39   Think of a city in Italy, the bird which sang in Berkeley Square, and selfless devotion to her patients, and who comes to mind?                                                                      Florence Nightingale

40   He started out as a fish porter in Billingsgate Market – but not a lot of people know that !

Sir Michael Caine

41   Builder Extraordinaire, he didn’t take single passengers..?                                 Noah

42   Who was the most famous recipient of the Maidstone Medal, in 1897?            Edith Cavell

43   Which television presenter shares his programme with his dog, Nigel?             Monty Don

44   He studied Law in London, and went on to be the prime mover towards India’s Independence; what is the meaning of the name he adopted as his first name?                “Great Soul”  (Mahatma)

45   Author who became famous for stories about a bear belonging to his young son…? A.A. Milne

46   Which American film star developed his own pasta sauces, and donated the whole of the profits to charity?                                                                                                                          Paul Newman

47   Local Boy Makes Good …..writer, art critic, painter and philosopher, born in Maidstone in 1778..?                                                                                                                William Hazlitt

48   Which famous pianist had the first names Wlaziv Valentino?                            Liberace

49   Immortalised by such diverse figures as Thomas Malory, Mary Stewart and Walt Disney, who was   “The Once And Future King”?                                                                 King Arthur

50   12th century Chancellor and Archbishop who preached under a yew tree in the churchyard at Capel, in Kent..?                                                                          Thomas Becket – accept ‘a Becket’





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