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Christmas and all services

Given the uncontrolled spread of the variant Covid virus and the Tier 4 regulations, the PCC has very reluctantly decided to suspend services in church.  The position will be kept  under constant review until we are confident that we can keep everyone safe.

Our online services will continue as before and can be accessed HERE

St John the Baptist Parochial Church Council

Remembrance Sunday 2020

Remembrance 2020 in Wateringbury – Sunday 8th November

Having carefully considered all of the options the organising group responsible for Remembrance reluctantly determined it isn’t possible to safely organise a live gathering for Remembrance this year due to COVID 19. This is deeply regrettable as there is always a strong local commitment to mark this occasion in a full way.

A special pre-recorded village remembrance service will be broadcast on Sunday 8th November, through the Church YouTube Channel. It will be premiered soon after 10.40 so that the silence coincides with national commemorations throughout the country. You can subscribe to the channel to be reminded on the morning here This will allow as many people as possible to join a local act of remembrance with the reading of the roll of those from this village who gave their lives in the two world wars of the 20th century.

Some have decided to step outside their door at 11 o’clock to make visible the marking of the silence. The communal spirit experienced through the Thursday night clapping was for some a consolation. It might also provide a way of communally marking the moment, whilst listening to the YouTube local service or the national commemoration.

The Churchyard is open to the public and all are welcome to find an opportunity at some point in the next few days to make a socially responsible visit to the memorial which is located at one corner of the Churchyard. Wreaths may also be placed at the memorial.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2020

We are pleased to provide this booklet, comprising our Annual Reports, in advance of our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Tuesday 29th September at 7:30pm here in Wateringbury Church.

However if Government guidelines regarding Covid-19 alter such that we cannot hold an actual meeting, we will consider alternative options to meet “virtually”. Please check the weekly newsletter for up-to-date details or contact the office email.

Please try to read these reports ahead of the meeting as this will save considerable time at the meeting, and also allow for a more meaningful discussion to take place on any issues which warrant further attention.

If you are not planning to attend the meeting due to covid-19 but nevertheless, would like to raise a point or ask a question, please email the office email address ( by Friday 25th September and your point will be made available to the chair at the meeting.

The reports contained in this booklet refer to the year to April 2020, and were mostly written before lockdown occurred.

The coming year holds many uncertainties, but one thing we feel certain about is the commitment of us all to continue to ensure that Wateringbury Church thrives and grows. We are so grateful for the contributions made by every one of our church family. Let us continue to pray for one another as we serve God together.

Please Click HERE to download a copy of the 2020 annual report

Liz Gummer and Peter Bond

Twelfth night quiz 2018 ANSWERS

Many thanks to all those who bought the quiz, we hope you all enjoyed it. Also many, many thanks for Jan for creating and running the quiz. Please find below the answers or download the answers by clicking on the link below


Twelfth Night Quiz 2018 Answers


  1. This chap’s black & white cat was called Jess POSTMAN
  2. He’s not happy with his lot POLICEMAN
  3. American Realtor ESTATE AGENT
  4. St Matthew’s previous job TAX COLLECTOR
  5. Our ‘Enery COOPER
  6. One for the chop BUTCHER
  7. Sounds like the chap who serves coffee in Court BARRISTER
  8. Art is the choice for painter ARTIST
  9. My Old Man’s job                   DUSTMAN
  10. Can he fix it? BUILDER
  11. Sounds like an underground Morris Mini MINER
  12. A shot poet rubs you up the right way (anagram)OSTEOPATH
  13. Margaret has your house covered THATCHER
  14. A bit of an Army nut? COLONEL
  15. What Simon Peter & Andrew were, when Jesus called themFISHERMEN
  16. First of Smiley’s four TINKER
  17. A bet that’s a dead cert BANKER
  18. Tickle the ivories PIANIST
  19. Ecologically correct purveyor of food stuffs GREENGROCER
  20. Sparks – but not if he does it properly! ELECTRICIAN
  21. Norman Stanley with porridge FLETCHER
  22. A full filling job DENTIST
  23. He shares his life with Nigel & Nellie – what’s his job? GARDENER
  24. Guide to the Lake District WAINWRIGHT
  25. Two of the Doctors BAKER
  26. At the front, waving, or inside, clipping CONDUCTOR
  27. Probably the first face you see MIDWIFE
  28. He can keep arson at bay in church PARSON
  29. It all adds up when he’s on the case ACCOUNTANT
  30. But surely his residence is very very heavy? LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER
  31. His glasses are always empty, you see OPTICIAN
  32. Should be the Cowman’s friend (clue…Oklahoma!) FARMER
  33. Air fix or Kate Moss MODEL
  34. It’s a hive of activity in her garden BEEKEEPER/APIARIST
  35. Birds Eye or Kirk? CAPTAIN
  36. Fixes the leaks in a top lumber yard PLUMBER
  37. Caviar’s Mum, without tea SURGEON
  38. Very polite personal assistant CIVIL SERVANT
  39. Turn your toast into an eggy one SOLDIER
  40. Not good for him to go round the bends DIVER
  41. His or her decision is final JUDGE
  42. The Supreme Governor of the Church of England QUEEN/KING
  43. Administrator of the unkindest cut of all (ask your cat or dog) VET
  44. Karen longed to be close to you CARPENTER
  45. He’d hang around in bars, and wear high heels LUMBERJACK
  46. Put your foot in it, thanks to him COBBLER/SHOEMAKER
  47. On a train he feeds it, otherwise he puts it out FIREMAN
  48. Who erects Lily The Pink’s group? SCAFFOLDER
  49. Always moves at 45 degrees BISHOP
  50. Of whom is St Sebastian the Patron Saint?  ATHLETES/ARCHERS

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2018

We are pleased to provide this booklet, comprising our Annual Reports, in advance of our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Thursday 26th April at 7:30pm here in Wateringbury Church. Please make an effort to read the reports and this will save us a great deal of time at the meeting and allow for a more meaningful discussion to take place on issues which warrant more of our attention. If you have any queries or comments to make there will be ample opportunity during the course of the evening. We hope that once you have finished reading this report you will be very impressed by all that is taking place and we hope it will provide you with some real food for thought! It may prompt that question “Is there anything I could be doing for my Church?” There is such a great deal happening within our church life and We trust that you will continue to pray for each other as we serve Christ in all that we do!

Please Click HERE to download a copy of the 2018 annual report

Liz Gummer and Peter Bond

Coffee Breakers

Coffee Breakers            

The group meets, usually on alternate Wednesdays, in church between 10.30-12.30 to enjoy coffee (and home-made cake), chat and optional crafts.  Some knit small items for various charities.  There is always help to develop knitting skills.

Is Messy Church for you?

Messy Church               Contact Ruth  01622 812342

A new venture for SJB for families with young children.  Meets on the first Saturday of each month between 3-5pm in the church.  Each meeting ends with tea.

Have you seen our Facebook page

We now have a Facebook page which anyone can look at. You don’t need a Facebook account to see it.

Beneficial News for April (80)

Please click on the following link for Ben News No.80 Apr-May 2016

Thy Kingdom Come

Please see the video inviting people to take part in the Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative for Pentecost.


Please Click to see the Video Clip