Events and Special Services

New Benefice Service 7pm in St James the Great, East Malling

Sunday 21 January at 7pm

You  are invited to a brand new Seven O’clock Service “S.O.S.” at East Malling Church, with the inspirational guest speaker, Canon Jean Kerr, and live music provided by the band from Leybourne Church.   Specially designed  for those who enjoy to worship in a less formal style.  We look forward to seeing you.


 Messy Church has arrived in Wateringbury!

Messy Church is for families with young children up to 8 years of age.  Come along with your children, bring gran and grandad!  We intend to meet once a month on the first Saturday in the month from 3pm to 5pm. Each session will be light touch Christian teaching with lots of messy and not so messy activities. There will be a chance to join in action songs, paint, make things, role play and more. We will finish with tea. (There is always food involved at Messy Church!) If you would like more information please e-mail me on or phone 01622 812342

Twelfth Night Quiz 2017 Answers 

Thank you to all who took part this year. The winners with 49 correct answers were Syd Thompsett and Gill Smith.

1 Where birds fly over the White Cliff    Dover
2 Sauce    Worcester
3 Happy Excellence    Mereworth
4 Singing bird in the meadow   Larkfield
5 Burnt water crossing   Ashford
6 Butty    Sandwich
7 Singing sisters    Beverley
8 A place to swim    Poole
9 Stinging bed-base    Nettlestead
10 Granny is nervous      Nantwich
11 Running horse’s funeral    Canterbury
12 Consumed    Eton
13 Parent in good health    Motherwell
14 Yorkshire fair    Scarborough
15 Monarch stops horse    Woking
16 Sister cannibalized    Nuneaton
17 Wise associate    Morecambe
18 Alternative to shower    Bath
19 Important map    Great Chart
20 First American President    Washington
21 Titfer meadow    Hatfield
22 A small field among the trees  Paddock Wood
23 Cook pasture    Sheffield
24 Ex Pirate now on Radio 2    Blackburn
25 Adam and Eve flyover   Edenbridge
26 A type of Irish sink    Belfast
27 Coalminer Avenue    Collier Street
28 Sick crossing    Ilford
29 Daily chore for gardeners in Summer – Underground?    Wateringbury
30 Rodents opening    Mousehole
31 Battle Town       Hastings
32 Farm building fastener    Barnstaple
33 Did seated life begin here?    Sittingbourne
34 Top of the pit    Minehead
35 The tip of grass stalk    Headcorn
36 Reverend Ian    Paisley
37 Theatre land    Shaftesbury
38 Talk meat    Chatham
39 A heavyweight of cricket matches    Teston
40 Fawlty Professor    Basildon
41 One of the three ‘R’s    Reading
42 Carry on Barbara    Windsor
43 Replacement for Noah    Newark
44 Emu’s friend    Hull
45 Sheep from a pottery dynasty    Barming
46 Location of Bai360    Brighton
47 The green city    Lincoln
48 Home of Britain’s oldest Botanic Gardens    Oxford
49 Where the Wombles play tennis    Wimbledon
50 Railway station bear    Paddington